Hi!, I am Julian, 18 years old.
My blog is basically: Lady Gaga, fun stuff, cute animals, great movies/series and awsome textpost (and sometimes hot guys, so beware of that).
Hope you enjoy it ;)
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    whats the point of having a crush if you never have a chance???

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    6 years, 4 eras, 2 words, 1 Woman. My life. 

    My record label didn’t want to put out that photo that’s my album cover, with the brown hair. They were like, “It’s confusing, it’s too dark, you look gothic, it’s not pop,” and I said, “You don’t know what pop is, because everyone was telling me I wasn’t pop last year, and now look — so don’t tell me what pop is, I know what pop is.” It’s funny, because I fought and fought and fought, and I actually ended up having two covers, because I wanted to do this yin and yang presentation with the covers.

    It’s monday at 2 in the morning. Everyone is sleeping and I’m laying on the couch, looking at the ceiling and thinking of you. Your presence in my thoughts refuse to leave, while I struggle to put you out of my mind. I see your eyes, your lips, your body. I hear your voice, your laugh. My whole heart needs you. My whole body wants you. I see you and i can’t help to think of kissing you in that instance, of loving you, of making naughty things, because that’s the reaction you make me have. You are irresistible. You are irreplaceable. You are incomparable.
    I just….
    I want you.
    I need you.
    I love you.




    when a bitch doesn’t work




    she forgot thats a microphone